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Our high-quality vascular access services and specialized nursing service include ultrasound guided bedside Picc & Midline Insertions, peripheral IV insertions, and central line maintenance and care. We also instruct our patients in self care and best maintenance techniques.

Nurse preparing IV

IV Infusion

Our Specialized Nursing Services include IV infusions, insertion and management of VAD. IV infusion is a controlled administration of medication and/or fluids directly into the bloodstream over a specific time, via a VAD. Medication administration is controlled by a med pump or gravity. These are some of the IV infusion therapies administered by our skilled nurses.

Skilled Nursing Services Include:

IV Drip

Vascular Access Service

Vascular Access Devices (VAD) are used for administering IV therapies. Our concentration is exclusively on VADs for the venous circulatory system. The two most common types are peripheral access (short catheters) such as PIVs and midline and central access such as Piccs, TLCs, and Port-a-Cath.

Our services include the following:

Nurse applying IV
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